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Submit your book or publication for review

Besides sponsorship and publication, the staff at Covenant Press also reviews books that are already published.  This opportunity is free of charge, but author(s) are responsible for submitting a complete digital version of their published work for review.  Due to the large volume of publications received we cannot guarantee all works will be reviewed, but we usually inform author(s) within three business days after receipt of the publication if their work has been accepted or rejected for review.

To submit a publication for review please click here.

Have your book published by Covenant Press

Evangelical Christian authors interested in publishing print and/or digital books can submit their manuscripts to Covenant Press for review.

To submit your book for possible publication please send a complete manuscript in either .doc or .docx format to covenantpress@ccc.one with subject "Request for Publication" + [Your suggested book title] + [Author(s) name(s) with last name first].

Learn more about our sponsorship program

Alternatively published or self-published authors can join our sponsorship program, which, upon approval, allows those authors to note our sponsorship in their published works.  Published reviews are guaranteed for all approved works.

To submit your book or other publication for sponsorship please click here.