The Complete Apocrypha®

The Complete Apocrypha® series by Covenant Press is the second volume (including 2018, 2022, and 2024 editions) of the three-volume LSV Collection (the first volume being the LSV Bible, and the third, the forthcoming Ancient Historia).

The Complete Apocrypha® is available in many places books are sold, including the following booksellers:

It is also included as part of The 120-Book Holy Bible and Apocrypha Collection.


The 54 books of The Complete 54-Book Apocrypha: 2022 Edition are part of the CCC’s Literal Standard Version (LSV) and are copyrighted (© 2022). They may be shared, copied, and transmitted for non-commercial purposes so long as the name of the translation is included either as “Literal Standard Version” or “LSV.” Any commercial use up to and including 500 verses, not to constitute the entirety of any of these 54 books or more than twenty-five percent of the work in which the LSV is cited, does not require permission from Covenant Press. Any commercial use in excess of these requirements must be approved by Covenant Press. Note that the copyrighted 2022 edition is distinct from the non-copyrighted 2018 edition. The introductions enclosed by horizontal lines at the very beginning of each book are not part of this copyright and are often taken and revised from public domain or Creative Commons material. The 66 books of the LSV Bible do not share these requirements and have been released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA).