Rapture Ready...Or Not?

Few nonfiction books are thrilling page-turners, but author Terry James manages to pull off an next-to-impossible feat! What a wake-up call for "this generation." As in all of his books,Terry James opens our eyes in his insightful take on current events, viewed through the lens of Bible prophecy. He prepares the reader for what is to come, what is currently happening, what has happened in the recent past, and does so while also encouraging "this generation."

This is a must read for anyone and everyone who sees the darkness that is currently enveloping the societies of the Christian and western world, and is wondering what all of that means to us, as a society, and especially spiritually. This book is prophetic, in no uncertain terms, and should be disseminated to all people, but especially to younger people who have been misled by the secularization of the current culture.

Graphic warning: there are several chapters that provide accounts of the occult and other such terrifying occurrences. That being said, they were very well researched, with evidence-based accounts, but may be upsetting to some.

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